Mar 25

Preparing for what?

by CCCooper

The list of items is long…Very Long. Many people have different viewpoints on the WHY’S of preparing and while ALL agree on the need, the WHY is hotly debated.

Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Currency Collapse, Martial Law, Nuclear Attack, Terrorism, Rioting/Looting, delivery systems failure, and an out of control federal Government hell-bent on usurping the constitution are but a few of the man-made problems we MAY (will?) face.

Natural Disasters are another story. We all witnessed the events that happened before and after Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We all watched the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. We’ve seen a little of the Tsunami Videos. All were events that happened with little or no warning (Katrina arrived in 3-4 days) and the large majority of those affected were woefully unprepared for ANY type of disaster.

Personal events are another concern of many. A large majority of people live check-to-check. (Or check to ALMOST check) A personal event is something along the lines of a job loss, vehicular accident, sudden disability, debilitating illness, or other loss in your family. These types of events may put a strain on your finances or your ability to support your family. Being prepared with sufficient supplies of foodstuffs, water, and medications may very well help ease your burdens.

While no one can prepare for every concern, being prepared WILL give you a little peace of mind.

On another note, the last concern on the long list is ZOMBIES. Yes, I still have a sense of humor.


  1. squirrelbait2004

    allot of great points I belong to a group we started here in Eudora KS called the Zombie squad I know zombies are a little far fetched but the idea behind the group was to gather a group of mostly ex military and medical professionals that can be ready at a moments notice for what ever happens. we ALL need to have a plan ready for the incident. great post

  2. Antsy

    - after Greensburg, Joplin, and earlier tornado disasters –
    the FIRST thing on a kansas prepper’s list should be
    a good basement hideout that can last for more than
    a few days – a SHTF bunker if possible. (root cellar included?)

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